The Happiness Advantage – 21 Day Challenge – Day 7

Hello everyone! Below is my Day 7 blog for The 21 Day Happiness Challenge.

3 New Things I Am Grateful For

1. I am grateful for heating pads. I pulled a muscle in my abs?/stomach, and the heating pad has been helping with the pain! Thank you!

2. I am grateful for our house. I am grateful for the hard work my husband and I have put into our house. Even tho I dislike having people in my house, I sure do love showing it off.

3. I am grateful for midol! Thank you for who ever came up with Midol! At the beginning of every month I am thankful that I have you in my life.

1 Positive Experience in the Past 24 Hours

Every Thursday Paul and I have a lunch date at Red Moon in Eden Prairie. Today we paid for a lady’s lunch as our  act of kindness for the day! The funny part of this, is on my way to work I was thinking about telling Paul we should pay-it forward on lunch today. As we were wrapping up our lunch, he suggested we pay-it forward. I love that my husband and I think alike! Another sign we are meant to be! Love you Boo!


AM: 1 hour on treadmill


Tempted this again, not going so well. One of these days I will have time to research this area.

Random Act of Kindness

As noted above today we paid for a lady’s lunch as our pay-it forward act of kindness for the day! I hope she got a smile out of it.

Wrapping Up Day 7

More to come! Stick with me for day 8 tomorrow.



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