The Happiness Advantage – 21 Day Challenge – Day 5

Hello everyone! Below is my Day 5 blog for The 21 Day Happiness Challenge.

3 New Things I Am Grateful For

1. I am grateful for 80s music. Nothing better than jamming out to 80s music at work. Yum-Bret Michaels!

2. I am grateful for nice people. ( I know seems kind of odd) But there are a few people that I have to deal with daily, that are crabby all the time!! It’s the nice people that out way the crabby jerks. grrrrr

3. I am grateful for having heat. As I was watching the news this morning talk about the cold weather that is coming. I was thinking to myself, what are the families going to do that can’t afford to pay for their heat this winter? Could you imagine, stressing over how you would keep your babies warm? I am thankful that this is an area I do not have to worry about.

1 Positive Experience in the Past 24 Hours



Morning: 1 hour on the treadmill

Afternoon: 25 minute walk outside


10 mins

Random Act of Kindness

I mailed both sets of grandparents a school pic of EJ and a letter with an update on how we are doing and what we are up to.

Wrapping Up Day 5

More to come! Stick with me for day 6 tomorrow.



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