The Happiness Advantage – 21 Day Challenge – Day 15

Hello everyone! Below is my Day 15 blog for The 21 Day Happiness Challenge.

3 New Things I Am Grateful For

1. I am grateful for Googlemaps. At my job, I am consistently scheduling different projects all over the United States. Googlemaps is an easy tool for me to see the locations and  drive times.

2. I am grateful for being white. (I am stealing this from my husbands post yesterday.) I feel bad saying it, but man life in this world is hard and I am white!

3. I am grateful for GUM. Love it! Addicted to it! Swallow it way too much by mistake! 😛

1 Positive Experience in the Past 24 Hours

When EJ got home from school today. We were reviewing our game plan for tonight. I told him we would be going to the gym shortly. His response, “Good idea Mommy. I think it’s good that we go, because I get a workout running around the basketball court and I haven’t worked out today.” Ahhhh….. I think I am finally rubbing off on him about working out.


Am: 1 hour on treadmill

Afternoon: 25 min walk outside….brrrr

PM: 1 hour at the gym


10 minutes. I completed this today while I relaxed in the Sauna!

Random Act of Kindness

At the gym tonight, there was a girl bench pressing 100 lbs. After she completed her set, I told her that I was impressed and great job!

Wrapping Up Day 15

More to come! Stick with me for day 16 tomorrow.



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