The Happiness Advantage – 21 Day Challenge – Day 12

Hello everyone! Below is my Day 12 blog for The 21 Day Happiness Challenge.

3 New Things I Am Grateful For

1. I am grateful for Saunas. Feels so good.

2. I am grateful for rainy days. I have not left my house for two days, glad its raining and easy to stay inside on days like these.

3. I am grateful for laundry soap. I love the smell of fresh clean clothes and bed sheets.

1 Positive Experience in the Past 24 Hours

EJ had conferences tonight. Ms. Hartman had all good things to say about him. He is so much like Paul and I. I am very proud of my bug.


AM: 4 mile run


Same as before

Random Act of Kindness

At conferences tonight, I told Ms. Hartman that we truly appreciate her and we are glad that she is EJs teacher.

Wrapping Up Day 12

More to come! Stick with me for day 13 tomorrow.



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